Why is Autumn the best time to join the Hug Club?

Why is Autumn the best time to join the Hug Club?

23rd October 2018 Off By Chloe Grant

So, it’s now dark at 6 pm and you’re turning to the hot chocolate instead of the pimms. You’re thinking about Christmas (well, we definitely are!), Halloween and the fab things in between. It’s the perfect time for you to join the Hug Club – and we will tell you why.

So, number one on the list would be of course that we can save you a bunch of money. And we know how important this is as we approach the festive season. But how can we do this?

It doesn’t get better than 2-4-1

Unless it’s two for none. But as much as we’d love to feed you for free, we have rent to pay.

So, when you are a Hug Clubber – Mondays are the best days for you. You not only get 2-4-1 mains – but we also have 2-4-1 on selected cocktails every day except Saturdays. So you can still go out and enjoy yourself without digging into the Christmas fund.

Now, I’m going to get a bit mathsy on you. Lots of people see that a Hug Club membership costs a tenner, and are immediately put off. But, if you think about it – if you get a Hug Club card on a Monday when you come in for dinner… You’re automatically saving money. None of our mains are under £12 so you’ll be saving instantly. PLUS you get a free bottle of prosecco on your birthday worth £28.  Ok numbers over.

Beverages for busy-bees

It’s 7:30 am on a Monday morning. You don’t start work for another few hours but you’re up nice and early because your body is used to (and missing) the bright summer mornings. You’re a strong believer of starting the week as you mean to go on – and we think you deserve a proper breakfast in a funky venue full of positive vibes. And if you’re a Hug Club member – you get a free hot drink with it. ESSENTIAL in the cold winter mornings. 

Pennies for parents!

Hug Club benefit - kids eat free!

So this one specifically applies to mums, dads & childminders alike. It’s half term right now, and the kids will be off again shortly for Christmas. If you fancy going out for dinner with your little ones to somewhere relaxing, helpful and understanding – we are here for you. And your little one’s meal will be free off the kid’s menu when you’re a Hug Clubber ordering an adult meal. Our kid’s menu is lovely & has some nice, healthy options that they will enjoy. It might not come with a free toy – but you can tell them the money you save will go toward that contraption they really want for Christmas this year 😉

You might also be coming down to Bournemouth this year to visit family, or just to enjoy the beautiful Christmas market (that we will be holding TWO stalls at this year)! If you need somewhere to stay – kids stay free at the Urban Beach Hotel as long as it’s not the summer holidays (which it certainly isn’t – my nose is growing icicles!) and depending on room availability. And we are really relaxed, lovely people. Oh, and we have heated seats. Just sayin’.


BYOB & points mean prizes

If you’ve been saving that special bottle of wine that is perfect for belly-warming – when you’re a Hug Club member, Tuesday is BYOB night. You can bring that cozy bottle in to have with your meal. Perfect for a winter date or even coming in with a group of friends to celebrate Christmas before you all go and visit your families. We, of course, have our Christmas menus and Christmas parties all ready for booking if you’re sticking down in B-town. BYOB Tuesday – saving you some money and probably saving you from an even bigger Christmas hangover (who are we kidding).

Last but not least – one of our more traditional perks is points means prizes. You can start collecting points on your Hug Club card as soon as you get it, and you get a point for every £1 you spend. When you save up 10 points – that’s worth a pound. Perfection.


If you know someone who loves us and isn’t a Hug Clubber yet –
buying them a membership or voucher for our venues would be a lovely little
stocking filler – especially if their new year’s resolution is to start saving money 😉

Our Hug Club is so important to us because it allows us a closer relationship with you lovely people.
A hug to us isn’t physical (but we love those too) – it’s metaphorical.
Helping someone with their bags is a hug. Saying you love someone’s outfit is a hug.
Hugs make the world go round.


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