Burning rubber & roasting coffee

Burning rubber & roasting coffee

5th September 2018 Off By Chloe Grant

Our new friends & bringers of coffee goodness Bad Hand Coffee power their business with 100% renewable energy & deliver 99% of their coffee by bike. With a collective 40 years of experience in a good cup of joe, they’re basically the gods of coffee beans.

Think about it – they look after the planet & the people on it. They bring us our morning fuel without using any fuel. And the best part… All our venues will now be serving their delicious roasted coffee to compliment your brekky or cake break.

Beans beans good for your heart…

All their coffee is roasted in a VINTAGE 1960’s Probat coffee roaster. Fancy.

These roasters were really built to last & are highly sought after in the speciality coffee industry. They are built using cast iron which holds heat nice & evenly. This reduces damage to the green coffee when it’s put into the Roaster to get all fired up.

Bad Hand’s coffee is ethically sourced (which is definitely up our street) and chosen by what tastes the BEST – not what’s popular or ‘cool’. Trends come and go but proper, delicious brew never changes… So why waste time trying to keep up with the big stinky chains.

Especially when they don’t need to – they are doing super well. They have opened and consulted cafes all over the place. That’s pretty amazing considering they started off roasting in a conservatory.

Now they have their very own warehouse in the Triangle in Bournemouth town centre. There’s a bit of inspo for ya, and it also shows exactly why we love local businesses.

Even our coffee machines get excited when they hear the sound Bad Hand’s wheels & pedals churning – because they know they are gonna have some real good beanage to grind real soon.


… Even better when they’re enviro-smart!

Bad Hand are a lovely group of people who really do give a flat white about what they do & how it affects the world around them. The packaging they use is omnidegradable, which is SUPER cool. This means you can throw it into the recycling, food or general waste bin and it’ll just break itself down into water, CO2 & biomass without leaving a trace or any damages. That’s some next level stuff.

“Our goal is to create a great working environment where everyone is interlinked and enjoys coming to work. We know we can provide a great service for customers and atmosphere for people to work in.” – The Coffee Gods Themselves


Bad hand coffee sign outside Jenkins & Sons


We love Bad Hand coffee and we know you will too.
Look out for it in our venues & be sure to give them some love & tell us what you think.

Hugs X

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