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Just because you’re working doesn’t mean you need to lower your standards. You’re not here on holiday – but it is important you feel comfortable and get the best from your money. Don’t settle for faceless chains who will forget your name. Boutique is better. Come stay at The Urban Beach Hotel.

Urban Beach Hotel Room - Room 81. Eggcellent complimentary, local brekky

Brain food. You’re gonna need it. And we aren’t talking microwave eggs and beans on top of soggy toast.

We are talking a hearty, delicious, full menu of complimentary cooked and continental breakfasts included in your rate when you book directly with us. We have options for everyone, and we’d love it if you joined us for lunch or dinner too – just so we can make life that bit easier for you. Look after yourself while you work away from home.

2. Wait a minute, Mr VAT man

Many online booking agencies charge around 15-20% commission and add in the VAT man at 20%. We are a lovely independent hotel owned by a local lad who was inspired by the world to delve into hospitality when he went travelling. So we REALLY do love it when you book direct. We will always guarantee our rates will be the best you’ll find when looking to stay at our hotel – especially as you get a free brekky! We will always offer you the best possible rate available – see us cheaper elsewhere and we’ll beat it! Pinky promise.

We offer all the professionalism of the big corporate hotels, but with a much more relaxed and fun vibe. You can read all about our corporate rates here.

We aren’t a massive, boring hotel chain. We are a family, and we will remember who you are and why you’re here. Our individually designed rooms are beautiful and we are very proud of them – you can look around if you want. Just click here.

Hotel working away from home3. You need space. We understand.

Not in a break-up kind of way – once you stay with us once… We are certain we will be together forever 😉

For real – we really do understand how annoying it can be when you’re tripping over your suitcase to get to the sanctuary that is ‘bed’. When you come to stay with us, you’ll have tonnes of space for your clothes and bags to be put out of your way. No health hazards in this joint.

Also, our showers definitely have singing and dancing space which is essential for most.

There is desk and table space in a few of our rooms too, so it can become your own beautiful little personal office. Or, you can come & chill with us downstairs in the hotel and do your work on the deck with the fireplace & blankets. Treat yourself, you deserve it.

4. Computer whizzes need hugs too!!

The Hug Club is the BEST thing ever, because it allows us to really look after you. The hug club is our very own loyalty card and it will be yours free on departure: loaded with points for a discount off your next visit. It’s usually worth £10 and you can use it at all of our venues. It’s all very ‘VIP’ and stuff. You can read all about the perks you get (like 2-4-1 mains on a Monday!) here.

Urban Beach Hotel - the deck5. Work hard, play hard, love Urban Beach like it’s your job

It’s certainly our job.

When you’re working away – your hotel is your home away from home. You should be able to put your clothes away and flop on the bed after a long day like you would at home, but still be able to enjoy and appreciate the environment you’re in.

Relaxation is key to keep your brain fully powered and healthy. While you’re away, keeping up with your sleep, exercise and downtime is vital.

At Urban Beach, we have access to a local, private health club as well as the Yoga Lounge on Christchurch Road. Boscombe pier & beach are only five minutes down the road and we can assure you those waves are perfect for chillaxing (or if you fancy getting the blood pumping – surfing with our friends at Sorted Surf School!).  Sand between your toes, gorgeous views and perhaps even a wood-fired pizza treat from The Wood Oven to take away will be sure to relax the brain. You could even have a stroll through Boscombe Gardens next to the beach if you don’t fancy things between your toes.

There are a bunch of things you can be doing while you’re here (other than hard work of course), so take a look at what’s nearby and what events are on.

Hotel rooms for how much?

Don’t be beige, don’t be boring, stay with us and you’ll be snoring (safe in the knowledge that you only paid £99 for your hotel room with breakfast included).
OK, so poems aren’t our forté but interesting, bespoke, different hotel rooms are. And we have a deal for you at the mo. We’re giving you four weeks to book at just £99. Lovely x


Why go for a boxy room with no window?
Working all day means you need to look after yourself.
You deserve real air and sunlight with people who really care about you.
Or you might shut down or something dodgy like that.


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