Gardening club

22nd June 2016 Off By Matt Lawrence

farm-mark-stuSowing the seeds of learning

Mark and a minibus load of pupils from the Gardening Club at Pokesdown School visited the Urban Farm to learn about seasonality and how our resident ‘Farmer Stu’ grows fruit and veg for our restaurants.

Our farm sits on the outskirts of the New Forest at Sopley and everything we grow on the farm we use in our restaurants, often picking it in the morning and serving it later that day. Super fresh!



The children learnt about the crops that were being harvested; rhubarb, globe artichokes, beans and strawberries, helping to pick (and quality control) a load of them. They then helped Stu plant the next crop of pumpkins ready for Halloween.

Their visit was part of an ongoing project the children are working on in school to explore which crops grow at different times of the year.

It was also a great opportunity for us to help one of our local schools, where more than a few young Urbaners go. The rhubarb they harvested has been transformed by Kay the baker into a delicious tart – yum!