How to be green at Halloween

How to be green at Halloween

18th October 2018 Off By Chloe Grant

It’s October and things are about to get spooky – parties and pumpkins will take over the world at the end of this month as Halloween makes it fast approach. But – something even spookier than ghosts and ghouls is the fact that more than 780,000 plastic cups get discarded annually.

Now, this isn’t all just from your annual Halloween party – we know that. But if everyone that had a freaky fiesta on the 31st of October this year took up these few tips – we’d leave the world smiling.

Pumpkin on Halloween - don't use plastic!Life in plastic – not fantastic!

This is an obvious one, but an important one. You can get paper everything these days – plates, cups, straws…

But even better, just use your own crockery/cutlery if you’re serving up snacks this Halloween. A good tip, if you’re worried about your favourite bowl, is to buy some cheap glasses/a cheap dinner set that you keep in a box hidden away. You can keep it reserved for parties only and you can even lend them to other party people. That will save someone smashing your fave wine glass. Save money and the planet.

To serve up your drinks – another super good idea is to use a drinks dispenser or a punch bowl rather than lots of individual little fruit shoot bottles that would get thrown in the bin. It’ll give you less to clean up too – BONEus.

DIY decorations

Every year we see so many fake, plastic pumpkins in window sills – how BORING! You’re skipping all the fun of pumpkin guts on the walls and carpets. Missing the fun of hacking away like your life depends on it. You’re sacrificing the sweet satisfaction when you finally finish bringing a fruit to life.

Not only will using a real pumpkin be way more fun – but better for the environment. Pumpkins are compostable and you can even use their innards to make tonnes of yummy things. Our fave is roasted pumpkin seeds.

Your grannies dentures for HalloweenThe same goes with all your other decs  – its easy peasy and so fun to make your house spooky without having to go and break the budget. Use the insides of old pillows you don’t want anymore as cobwebs. Wrap teddy bears in toilet roll to create mummies. Create spiders out of newspaper and old hangers for legs. Stick vampire teeth onto your grandma’s dentures. Candles are always cool too – no need for string lights that suck up electric and only get used once a year. ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!

Trick or treat!

What’s even more fun than DIY decorations – DIY costumes. They’re our favourite.

If you are even more of a planet fanatic than we are – you could even make your own candies to give away when little zombies and witches come knocking. And if you live on a top floor flat and no one manages to get to your door… You get to eat them yourself. YUM.

If you’re not planning on partying for Halloween – we have a
Halloween pub quiz down at the Urban Reef and it is always frightfully fun.
You can have a look at the Facebook event here or just ask us all about it.
We will be filling up spaces quickly so make sure to jump in fast!

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