Hug Club – FAQs

5th June 2018 Off By Matt Lawrence


They’re questionable, often humorous, sometimes ponderous. Chickens, eggs and their line of ascension, what is dubstep? what is love? what does the Hug Club card do? Who is the best Spice Girl? What does bae mean? Artic Monkeys new album – Yay or Nay?

So many questions and often so little time.

Here’s a list of often asked questions about the Hug Club:

When can I spend my points?
Monday-Thursday from the minute we open until the minute we close and after 6pm on a Sunday.

Why didn’t I get my birthday Prosecco?
Four main things that we’ll need to check up on here.

  1. Did you add your birthday to your profile so we know when to celebrate?
  2. Is your email address on your profile correct?
  3. Have we accidentally slipped into your spam (not the dubious tinned meat product)?
  4. Have you said YES to receiving mail from from us?

Following on from the GDPR-mageddon we may have lost you. Awkward. But we can get you back. Just go to to re-join.

Click here to update your details and check you’re letting us email you.

I’ve lost my card. What do I do?
Sadly, for you there’s no pay-outs from Urban Guild for PPI on your Hug Club card. We’re good at sorting out your misplaced cards free of charge. For the budding minimalists, there’s a mobile version of the card you can keep on your phone now. Just pop into your device browser and login. You can then add it you your homepage. Your card will look like this one below. But hopefully with a few more points on it!

How do I change my email address?
Changed job or just feel like moving away from that email address you got when you were young and crazy or just realised that you’re more Gmail than AOL nowadays you can Click here to update your details.

Is the card really good value for money? Why is it £10?
Totally. We do get asked why we charge for the card, and that’s because we want to make sure that the people we really want to love the most aren’t just joining for the prestige of the yellow card and that they really are part of the family. It’s value for money. You can get your money back instantly if you come on a Monday night for a 2 for 1 mains. The Prosecco that you get on your birthday isn’t a shifty Spanish cava that tastes of washing up liquid. It’s the same bottle that’s listed at £28 in our restaurants.

I’ve never heard from you guys since I joined the club?
No one likes the silent treatment. We suggest you follow the same steps that we wrote in the birthday Prosecco question above.

I was given a gift card; can I convert it to a Hug Club card to start collecting points?
Of course, you can. You’re clearly a lovely person as someone bought you a voucher. Just pop an email over to us via and we’ll release a party popper and initiate the switch over.

Can I backdate points?
Please remember that if you forget your card you can just let the team know and we can search for you on our records. If you come in and forget that you’re a hug club member and remember a few days afterwards just let us know by email via with your details of your visit (bill total, time, date, amount) If you have any other questions (hopefully Hug Club related) then just drop me a line and I’ll happily answer.

Hugs x Simon

PS. Dubstep is a genre of music, it is generally characterised by sparse, syncopated rhythmic patterns with bass lines that contain prominent sub-bass frequencies, clipped samples, and occasional vocals.

PPS. Mel C. Every time. Hands down.