Mini chefs menu

20th October 2016 Off By Matt Lawrence

Possibly the youngest chefs in the country?

sam-and-elliotWith more children being exposed to different cuisines and Jamie Oliver encouraging healthy eating in schools, a local family restaurant in Bournemouth has had a light bulb moment and hired their own kids to create the Restaurants Kids Menu – unexpectedly creating two minichef legends.

Sam (aged 8) and Elliot (aged 8) – are keen foodies and love to cook – but also love to eat. They are Urban Reef Restaurants’ very own minichef legends. With the help of their Dads, they have created the latest dishes which appear on the Kids Menu in the popular seafront restaurant.

The boys are becoming the restaurant’s very own little celebrities with their own video showing their cooking skills, their own branded menu and they also ask kids to email them with recipes or foodie ideas for the Kids Menu.

minichefs-vidSam and Elliot are more than aware of vegetables as Sam’s Dad has his very own ‘seed to plate’ farm in the New Forest. The boys know what vegetables are tasty and what may need to have some seasoning to appeal to kids their own age! Their favourite recipe that they have created is a version of Spaghetti Bolognese – Sam said: “We’ve put carrots in the bolognese as that’s one of our favourite vegetables and they help you see in the dark so we’ve called it ‘Night Vision Bolognese”.

Mark Cribb -Dad and owner of Urban Reef Restaurant said: “If we get our own kids to explore, enjoy and understand food, then life for Mum’s and Dad’s will be far simpler when it comes to meal times. We’re all about letting our kids take some control and make their own decisions – food for us is all about making you feel good and giving your bellies a hug.”

Sam and Elliot’s Favourite Recipe – Night Vision Bolognese

Carrots – 3 – enough to make you see in the dark (!)
Chopped tomatoes – 500g
Minced beef – 500g
Onion – 1
Garlic Cloves – 2
Grated cheese – 100g
Spaghetti – 400g
Black Pepper
Olive Oil – 2 teaspoons
Tomato Puree – 2 tablespoons

A large helping of Chef Sam and Elliot’s magic!