Why is Autumn the best time to join the Hug Club?

So, it’s now dark at 6 pm and you’re turning to the hot chocolate instead of the pimms. You’re thinking about Christmas (well, we definitely are!), Halloween and the fab things in between. It’s the perfect time for you to join the Hug Club – and we will tell you why.

By Chloe Grant 23rd October 2018 Off

How to be green at Halloween

It’s October and things are about to get spooky – parties and pumpkins will take over the world at the end of this month as Halloween makes it fast approach. But – something even spookier than ghosts and ghouls is the fact that more than 780,000 plastic cups get discarded annually.

By Chloe Grant 18th October 2018 Off


Just because you’re working doesn’t mean you need to lower your standards. You’re not here on holiday – but it is important you feel comfortable and get the best from your money. Don’t settle for faceless chains who will forget your name. Boutique is better. Come stay at The Urban Beach Hotel.

By Chloe Grant 9th October 2018 Off

A big sea for creatives

The cold is creeping in, the summer holidays are all over. As more people look for the work-life balance, Urban Reef is offering free, cosy workspace to creatives, freelancers and those working away from the office this winter.

By Chloe Grant 8th October 2018 Off

Dining dogs.. THE A LA BARKE MENU!

We love our fluffy, woofy waggy little pooch friends. Even when they watch EVERY bite of every morsel on your plate with eyes that say ‘Why do you never feed me, human?’. Well, they won’t be doing that for very long.

By Chloe Grant 14th September 2018 Off

Burning rubber & roasting coffee

Our new friends & bringers of coffee goodness Bad Hand Coffee power their business with 100% renewable energy & deliver 99% of their coffee by bike. With a collective 40 years of experience in a good cup of joe, they’re basically the gods of coffee beans.

By Chloe Grant 5th September 2018 Off

Good for the world, good for the wallet

Modern paper cups have been around for years & years as we all know. It is estimated that over 2 TRILLION of them end up in a landfill, and less than 1% recycled. We don’t usually get all serious here at Urban Guild, but that’s a pretty scary figure.

By Chloe Grant 30th August 2018 Off