Tom Gozney, King of the wood oven

24th May 2016 Off By Matt Lawrence

gozney-ovens-insideIt’s a G thing!

We were lucky to have 5 mins with Tom Gozney, founder of Gozney Ovens in Christchurch and the maker of our amazing new wood fired oven moving into its new beach-side residence at the Wood Oven, our new takeaway on Boscombe prom ready for us to open in June.

Mark put a few insightful questions his way, here’s what went down:

Wtom-chathat makes a Gozney Oven a badass wood roasting machine?

There’s a few things we’re really proud of. All our ovens are manufactured in the UK, designed for fast assembly, easy to fit through restaurant doorways.

It takes just two days to install so you can be up and running and cooking with fire in super quick time. The Napoli Oven we are installing for you at the Wood Oven in Boscombe, is specifically designed for cooking pizza at high temperatures.

Why is pizza so hot right now?

We started out in the recession, when I built my first oven in my back garden. Since then we’ve grown enormously in the commercial market where our ovens give restaurants a point of difference.

With the ovens being so visual with fire and smoke and amazing smells coming from them it’s evokes a primeval spirit in us, that whole idea about food being theatre. These days too, people seem to look for more casual, street food style dining experiences whilst not sacrificing quality.

What’s the key to great wood fired pizza?

It’s all about the dough. The right mix of the 4 key ingredients, salt, flour, yeast and olive oil that gives a lovely hollow crust and a flat crispy base. Cooked in 2 mins maximum using a Gozney oven to cook it of course.

What deliciousness (other than pizza) can you cook in a Gozney oven that will get our customers salivating?

Meatballs steamed with cheese, de-boned chicken, dry rubbed in mixed spices and beef brisket slow cooked when the oven cools overnight.

What makes you smile Tom?gozney-oven-hq

Pizza. And working with local businesses who are being brave and doing things a bit differently.

It’s really encouraging to know that London is not the only place where people appreciate good food and a passion for cooking.

Is the wood oven going to use a lot of wood?briquette

We’ll be supplying the Wood Oven with a 100% beech wood sawdust briquette. It’s a manufacturing bi-product so is environmentally sound and burns at a more even temperature than logs would do. Somewhere between 350 and 400 degrees Celsius.