Veganuary: Lettuce tell you about it

Veganuary: Lettuce tell you about it

2nd January 2019 Off By Matt Lawrence

So, Christmas & New Year have passed and we’ve all made it into 2019 with bellies full of roast potatoes, mince pies and prosecco. We’ve written our new year’s resolutions and we are ready to start the year in the best way possible. Start as you mean to go on, they say x

Delicious Vegan PizzaWe want to help you kick-start your New Year’s REVOLUTION with all our delicious, belly-friendly food and drink this Veganuary.

So, all of January – we are having our very own sale. Grab two mains for the price of one at Jenkins & Sons, Urban Reef and Urban Beach to celebrate the new year with us when you grab this handy little voucher. Saving money & your tummy – look at you go.

Eating out doesn’t have to be bad for you. Munching on our plant powered options and sipping our virgin cocktails is not only good for the soul but good for the body too. A lot like hugs.

We have a range of dishes from the classic and clean kale, red cabbage, walnut & orange salad to the adventurous quinoa, mushroom & almond stuffed local squash down at Urban Reef and Urban Beach. Check out our plant-based menu here.

We have also recently launched a new cocktail menu at The

Urban Beach Hotel: which includes some non-alcoholic cocktails if you’re feeling naughty AND nice. Eternally Grapefruit and Tropic Like it’s Hot have all the taste but a fraction of the calories.

Or, if you’re a fruit fanatic we have a range of smoothies that will be sure to get in that 5-a-day you forgot about over Christmas.

We are even launching a special yummy pizza in celebration of a clean January so keep your eyes PEELED. Like a potato. In the meantime, check out our vegan and vegetarian options from The Wood Oven here.

Oh, and… being health conscious doesn’t mean distancing from dessert. Our fig & apricot gooey oat slice is served warm with Purbeck lemon jazz sorbet so you can satisfy that sweet tooth Veganuary style.


Love you from my head tomatoes x

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