WAGS welcome

WAGS welcome

29th August 2018 Off By Matt Lawrence

That’s dogs, not wives and girlfriends… (They are welcome too, of course)

Jasper - our wet nosed heroOur resident cool canine Jasper, loves this time of year, he can run around on the beach off the lead and have more of his mates come and visit. In October (which is nearly upon us!) dogs are allowed to run about on Boscombe beach and we’re extending a welcome invite on behalf of Jass, to all dogs and their owners at Urban Reef, Beach and Jenkins & Sons. He’ll even share his stash of biscuits with you, he’s nice like that.

Paws to read the council advice

Here’s the guidance from Bournemouth Council about dogs on the beach. We were left wondering though what prompted them to offer this advice: “Unless you’ve been given permission, you can’t bring any zoo or circus animals onto the beach.” But keep that in mind, OK 🙂


leave only footprints on the beach Bournemouth council

Leave only foot (and paw) prints

We love our beach lots and lots. Bournemouth Council are working very hard (collecting around 2000 tons of waste per year!) to keep it looking beautiful & make Bournemouth Greener. So, make sure when your pups are running around making the most of the sand and sea – you pick up any little surprises they leave behind for you. Also if you have any rubbish – the blue bins are for recycling and black for general waste. Keep it pretty for us all and safe for our pups.

Read more about #LeaveOnlyFootprints here.


See you and your furry friends very soon x

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